Tabletop Co-Op

Come play during PAX 2019 in the Hyatt Regency!

That’s right, we are leaving our home (Room 208) for greener pastures…and because all tabletop has moved to the Hyatt Regency this year. Come find us in the brand new exhibition space (TT11) just for all your tabletop needs.

And we have something special just for this occasion:

Tabletop Co-op Quinquennial Official Pinny Arcade Pin

To celebrate our first 5 years playing together at conventions on both sides of the US and places in-between, we have an official Pinny Arcade pin that can be purchased at the booth for $10.

Games to play:

Where else to find us:



The Tabletop Co-op is a group of independent game designers who work together to share their games with the world.

Together We Play!

Reach the Tabletop Co-op directly or contact a member using their official websites.

Stay tuned to this site for convention updates and events!

Members include:

Cardboard Fortress Counter Clockwork Eye 4 Games Gameworthy Labs Hikari Games Imbalanced Games Junk Spirit Games Mind the Gap Norwest Games Rock Manor Games