Tabletop Co-Op

Come play during PAX 2018 in Room 208!


Saturday @ 6:30 pm: Board Game Trivia

Our annual event for you to test your knowledge to win some swag run by Counter Clockwork Games

Sunday @ 6:30 pm: Interactive Story Time

This is a live version of a text based adventure where the designers are “the game” and the audience is “the player”. come try this crazy idea by Mind the Gap Studios and see if it works.

Daily @ 5:30 pm: Raffles!

Play games in room 208 and get a raffle ticket for our daily drawing at 5:30pm.

Games to play:


The Tabletop Co-op is a group of independent game designers who work together to share their games with the world.

Together We Play!

Reach the Tabletop Co-op directly or contact a member using their official websites.

Stay tuned to this site for convention updates and events!

Members include:

Cardboard Fortress Counter Clockwork Eye 4 Games Gameworthy Labs Hikari Games Imbalanced Games Junk Spirit Games Mind the Gap Norwest Games Rock Manor Games